Making alternative energy a true power source for the trucking industry

About Us


Green Road Energy Inc.  is a company that is dedicated to making alternative energy a truly usable power source for the trucking industry. Green Road Energy is focused on developing mobile charging solutions for both box and semi trucks. These technologies not only provide a reliable charging source for auxiliary power demands, but reduces the carbon footprint while providing a true ROI.  Green Road Energy is able to offer these new solutions for transportation companies who are wanting to reduce costs, down-time, noise, pollution and protect the environment. 

Our Products

We Lead The Industry In True Alternative Energy Solutions For The Trucking Industry


The IMICS ( Integrated Magnetic Interface Charging System) is a system designed to provide auxiliary power charging for box trucks 

T.A.G. Power system

The T.A.G. power system is built to power auxiliary power demands on semi trailers. 

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Transportation Divisions We Serve

For Box Trucks, we have developed the IMICS system to provide auxiliary power. This can include lift gates, pumps and refrigeration units. 

For semi tractors/trailers equipped with APU’s lift gates, pumps, electric pallet movers, or other auxiliary power demands the T.A.G. system has been developed.

Utility trucks with buckets, service trucks, or any other auxiliary systems can benefit from the IMICS system. 

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