About Us

Our Team Has Succeeded In Understanding The Needs Of The Trucking Industry And Creating Reliable Products To Serve Them All.

To understand the needs of the Trucking Industry, one has to know the day to day operations and issues that face fleet managers, drivers and owners  At Green Road, we have spent countless hours learning first hand of these hurdles. Using this knowledge, and our teams years of experience, Green Road  has developed technologies that provide solutions to the auxiliary power demands of today’s trucks and trailers. 

Green Road Energy has over 30 years of combined experience in the electrical field, and 50 plus years of machining and part manufacturing. We manufacture, mill or assemble most of our products in house, including the all aluminum housing for the IMICS system. This ensures that we maintain control over every step of our manufacturing process, allowing us to deliver only quality products. 


In September of 2019, energy companies from 37 countries had been selected as finalists for the 21st S&P Platts Global Energy Awards, often described as the “Oscars of the energy industry.” Green Road Energy was honored to be chosen as a finalist from among the hundreds which were nominated. Green Road Energy’s IMICS system was chosen to compete in the Emerging New Technologies category. While the IMICS was not chosen as the category winner, it was a great honor to be chosen as a finalist.

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